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Victoria BC, July 1, 2010 - I decided to try something different today and while my colleague Glenn shot the action on the field, I specifically focused on the action OFF the field and in the stands. There's a lot that goes on at a ballgame away from the diamond and this is my attempt to capture some of that! Enjoy!
Watching the warmupsPitcher Anthony Pluta chatting up the fans before the game.Getting in the Canada Day spirit.Looking for autographs from the Tijuana team.Merchandise in the souvenir stand.Merchandise in the souvenir stand.Merchandise in the souvenir stand.Offensive weapons ready to go.Seamore the Seal mugging for the camera.Seamore the Seal scaring small babies!Seals Photographer Jon Howe.Ah yes, the beer lineup!Sometimes even Seals need a little alone time.The Podium Grill boys enjoying their perch along the third base line.The Starting LineupsStandard Canada Day headgear.Standard Canada Day headgear.Enjoying the game from the Big Comfy Couch."Someday I'll play out there!"Watching the game from the right field seats